How to Thread a Bobbin on a Sewing Machine (Videos for All Brands!)

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Once your new machine is out of the box, of course all you want to do is get started sewing. But first you’ll need to do is learn how to thread a bobbin on a sewing machine — otherwise it won’t do a darn thing! Most machines thread bobbin spools in a similar manner.

Here’s a step by step run-through:

  1. You’ll stand up the spool of thread on the spindle…
  2. Lead it through the first catch at the top of the thread take-up lever…
  3. Then take it around the bobbin winder thread guide (counter-clockwise!)…
  4. Wind it around the bobbin at least once…
  5. And lead it through the hole in your bobbin (if it has one, not all bobbins do).
  6. Then you’ll pop the bobbin onto the bobbin winder…
  7. Pull out the handwheel to keep the needle from working (or snap the bobbin stopper against the bobbin if you have a Bernina like me)…
  8. And press down on the foot pedal…. and watch the bobbin thread!

That’s all there is to threading sewing bobbins! But since every machine is different, it can be hard to follow a generic guide on your own machine.

Here are videos teaching you to thread sewing machine bobbins on most major sewing machine brands:

How to thread Brother bobbins (shown on the Brother LS 2125):


How to wind Singer bobbins:


How to thread a bobbin on a Bernina:


How to thread Janome bobbins:


How to wind bobbins on a Kenmore:


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