Black A-Line Skirt: A Learning Experience

Well, I am officially a “sewer” again. After QUITE an experience, I can say that yes, I made my skirt. But I’ll start from the beginning…

The first thing I did, of course, was to figure out what size I needed to cut. Based on my waist measurement, I needed a size 18 *gasp* skirt.

the "Trapezoid"

When I had my pattern laid out on the fabric, my husband popped in.  “I don’t get it,” he said, looking at the pattern.  “Why is this so complicated?  This is a trapezoid.  Why do you need this whole pattern?”  I just laughed.

Cutting out my fabric, I realized that one (of the presumably many) things that I need to get is a good pair of sewing scissors. My Gingher from six years ago have seen way too many pieces of paper during my non-sewing years and cutting through just two layers of fabric was extremely difficult.

All went well with the sewing, or mostly. After I had the side seams together, I serged them, but I serged the edges together. Oops! Somebody forgot that you are supposed to iron your seams OPEN and then serge each edge separately. Next time maybe…

See my crocs? I think I gotta take this in a bit...

Then, I tried it on, since it seemed HUGE. It was! I could look straight down my skirt and see my feet. It was 18cm too big in the waist– and that was with me leaving a lot of room for elastic.

I started taking it in by adding a center back seam. But I didn’t have the fabric smoothed out and I sewed over a fold in the fabric, so I needed to unpick. And then I remembered one of my (probably many) sewing faults. I am an overeager unpicker. Yes, I unpicked a hole smack in the side of my skirt. Not very uh, professional.

Taking in the skirt...

So, I needed to make that hole disappear. I unpicked the center seam VERY CAREFULLY, and took 9 cm off two equidistant points to make the skirt paneled in the back. Now I have an a line skirt with 3 “Panels” in the back, a one piece front… and it’s still too big on me!

BUT…. I made it. And in one afternoon, too.


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