Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine Review

The Brother CS6000i computerized sewing machine is one of the most popular models on the market today, and everyone from beginners to seasoned sewers are buying it. A closer look at this model makes it clear why it’s a bestseller– it’s extremely easy to use, has a wide range of features and accessories that you’ll need for advanced sewing and quilting, and the price is so low that it makes you look twice.

The Brother CS 6000i comes with:
- 60 different types of stitches, giving you everything from your regular sewing basics, to heavy duty and quilting stitches, to decorative embroidery to give your work that finishing touch.
- The easiest buttonhole system!  Just select one of 7 styles, insert your button into the back of the buttonhole foot, and let the machine do the work.
- Not just the standard presser foot, but a total of 9 different specialty presser feet, meaning that you never have to run out to the store to buy that foot you need to finish your project.
- A free arm base, making working on tight areas like garment sleeves a cinch.
- An LCD screen for easy stitch selection and manipulation.  You don’t have to guess which foot to use for various stitches, because the screen will show you which presser foot to use for each stitch.
- A quilting extension table so you can spread out your project and work with ease.
- A hard case to protect your machine from dust and other objects while in storage.
- An automatic threader and drop-in bobbin system so you never again have to get frustrated trying to get your machine set up.

A Smooth Ride
The machine is a cinch to use, and sews quietly and quickly– in fact, it can work at a breakneck 850 stitches per minute. The fact that it is computerized will help eliminate lots of sewing mistakes; for example, if you set the machine up incorrectly you will see an error message on the screen. Between the manual, the very clear and instructive LCD screen, and an optional instructive DVD, this machine is ideal for both beginners and those who have been sewing for some time but want to delve into new and more complicated techniques.

The Cons
No machine is perfect, and while the Brother CS6000i reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with the average reviewer giving it a glowing 4.5 stars, there have been some complaints. A number of customers have mentioned that the machine has trouble with cheap thread, and others note that it can start to slide on your table when using heavy fabric, unless you place a rubberized mat (a cutting mat can work just fine) underneath it. You should also note that the hard case that comes with the Brother CS6000i sewing machine is not a carrying case with a handle, although you can readily purchase one for around $20.

An Investment You Can Depend On
Online prices vary from time to time, but the Brother CS6000i price is in the $100-$200 range, making it an affordable and attractive choice. It comes with a 25-year warranty, and between that and Brother’s sterling reputation for customer service, you can rest assured that you’ll be using this machine well for years to come.

Overall, the Brother CS6000i 60-stitch sewing machine is hands down the best value you can get for under $200. You’ll be thrilled not only with the ease and quality of use, but of the high end features that you would normally only find in a pricier machine.

Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine


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