Brother 1034D Serger Review

The Brother 1034D serger is the most popular serger on the market, and that’s because it’s a high quality, affordable machine that’s just right for most sewers. Competitively priced at the lower end of the $200-$300 range, it has a wide selection of features, is easy to use, and delivers on it’s promises when it comes to performance.

The Brother Serger 1034D does all of the following:
3 thread overlock. Finishing off your edges neatly will not only make your garments look more professional, but keep your fabric from unraveling. The machine does this stitch in both 3mm and 5mm widths.
- 3/4 thread overlock. This stitch uses 4 threads and sews while it finishes off your edges. You’ll find it particularly helpful when working with knits and upholstery.
- Rolled hem – perfect for elegantly finishing off delicate fabrics.
- Flatlock stitch – a decorative stitch that will add a professional touch to your knits, flannels, and casual garments.
- Blind hemming stitch – no more hand stitching for invisible hems.
- Narrow hemming – a complicated hem made simple
- Pin tucks – a decorative stitch that’s gives a classic look on pillowcases, dresses and quilts.
- Ribbon lock – another decorative finish to add panache to your work

It’s also a very versatile, easy to use machine. The 1034D Brother serger:
- Works with regular spools of thread instead of just thread cones, so you can save money on thread when you only need a particular color for one project.
- Has the option to disable the knife so that you can take advantage of the stitches without having your fabric cut.
- Works with a differential feed, allowing you to use any thickness or multiple layers of fabric and to create decorative finishes like ruffles or waved edges.
- Is highly responsive to the foot pedal, so you don’t have to worry about serging accidents.
- Works with regular sewing machine needles, so you can use the same needles for both of your machines.
- Two additional feet – one for the blind hem/flatlock and a separate ruffle foot
- Is a free arm model, enabling you to work with small areas of fabric comfortably.
- Has a clear and easy to follow threading guide, so that you can avoid frustration when threading.

It comes with a very clear instruction manual, plus a detailed video, so it’s easy for you to learn how to thread it and get it up and running. It has a 90 day limited warranty.

Customers have almost nothing but good things to say in the vast majority of the Brother 1034D serger reviews online, with a a very small percentage complaining of getting ‘lemons.’ The one complaint that you do need to consider is that some experienced quilters said that the machine wasn’t really heavy duty enough for them, so if you deal with extremely heavy fabrics or lots of layers, you may want to get a more expensive model.

Overall, customers are thrilled, and the Brother 1034D serger is a smart and easy pick, between its wide range of stitches, its low price and quality performance.

Brother 1034D Serger

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