Brother PC-420 PRW: Project Runway Sewing Machine Review

It’s not often that any product comes out that is so outstanding that nearly every review glows with praise.  The Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine is just such a product.  It’s in the $400-$500 range and and that’s a great bargain for what you get, since most customers feel this machine is worth much more.

Reviewers use such phrases as “I love this machine,” “this is such an amazing machine,” and “I would recommend this sewing machine to anyone.”  That’s because the Brother PC-420 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine is easy enough for a beginner to use and yet packed with features enough to be able to handle nearly any sewing project or original design that a master sewer would need to tackle.  With all that, it’s a strong, user-friendly, and durable machine that’s made to sew for years to come.

Beginners will appreciate that they can begin sewing immediately with the advanced automatic threader.  They’ll be able to stop and start either with the foot pedal or hand switch, adjust their speed over easier or more difficult sections, and end their tasks with automatic thread cutting.

Sewers of all levels will enjoy the Brother PC420 sewing machine’s super-quiet functioning, automated buttonhole system, and the myriad utility and decorative stitches available with a few strokes of the LCD computerized screen.  There are 294 pre-programmed stitches, and the ability to create and store (in computer memory) to the limits of the imagination.  

Project Runway sewing machines in general have a fairly good record with discriminating consumers, but the Brother PC 420 sewing machine stands out as an exceptionally high quality model.  It’s got twin-needle function, three lettering styles for monograms and labeling, and one-touch reverse stitch.  The brother project runway can sew smoothly through tough material – even leather – or through multiple layers of fabric, and is extremely easy to use.

Although the overwhelming majority of reviews were positive, some did complain about a few limiting features.  Namely, a few thought  that the Project Runway Brother Sewing Machine would have been more useful if, in place of the plastic cover that comes with it, an extra large plastic sewing surface for those larger projects would have been included instead.  This can, of course, be bought separately.  Others felt that the extra presser foot is not really necessary and might even be in the way.   Still others felt limited by the 7mm maximum stitch, which forces the alpha-numeric characters to also max out at 7mm.

With these minor issues taken into account, nearly all the Project Runway sewing machine reviews laud this model as an excellent machine for a good price.  It is light, and therefore portable (it even comes with a hard case) and is yet sturdy and solid.  For all of these reasons, it’s not surprising that so many say they love their Brother PC-420 PRW Project Runway Limited Edition, and it’s not surprising how many have bought it on recommendation, only to add their own glowing report.

Brother PC-420 Project Runway Sewing Machine

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