Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine Review

Made for the beginner to intermediate embroiderer or any level of general sewing enthusiast, the Brother SE400 computerized embroidery and sewing machine is one of the great deals of the $300 – $400 price range. The onboard computer, with its visual, easy-on-the-eyes, intuitive LCD interface, is one of the great advantages of the Brother SE400. In fact, it’s the ability to plug this sewing machine right into the computer, for the fast download of software updates and readily internet-available stitches that differentiates this model from its predecessor, the SE350.

Even without any embroidery functionality, the Brother SE400 computerized sewing machine could stand on its own:

  • It’s got 67 built in utility and decorative stitches. That’s enough to tackle all but the most sophisticated design project.
  • It’s also got 98 stitch functions, which increases the flexibility of the machine even more.
  • The SE400, as is often heard with Brother sewing machines, is easy to use.

It’s got those extra user-friendly features that evoke much pleasant surprise in experienced sewers who’ve suddenly upgraded to a 21st century model. That includes a quick-set, drop-in bobbin which means no more fussing. It’s also got an automatic needle threader which makes that first stage of the task, often such a bane to tired eyes, that much easier. Brother hasn’t left any loose threads at the end of the task either. With it’s automatic thread cutter system, the end of the run is as easy to accomplish as the beginning – with the push of a button.

Although reviewers praise it as an excellent all-around machine, the Brother SE400 embroidery machine impresses most within its unique sewing niche – embroidery. That easy-to-use onboard computer interface puts 70 embroidery designs at the fingertips of even the most novice embroiderer. And monogramming, which reviewers claim this machine handles like a charm, is no different.

With five monogramming fonts to choose from, the right one isn’t more than a touch or two away. Add all that to the 120 frame pattern combinations, and consider that the included USB cable opens up the personal machine to all of the stitches and combinations developed all over the world, and it comes out that the Brother SE400 is an amazing embroidery tool.

The only major complaint among the reviews is the limitation both on the embroidery area and the size of the stitch. Both max out at 4-inches by 4-inches. That’s not tiny – but it’s not impressively large either. It means that any stitch over four inches downloaded from the internet won’t be recognized by the system. It also means that large-swath embroidery is out of the question.

A partial solution to this, adapted by some, is to simply embroider the 4 x 4 area and then embroider the next 4 x 4 area immediately adjacent to the first. Additionally, some point out that the computer memory – 512 KB of data – is too small to really store a full collection of stitches. All of these limitations are fixable however. A larger hoop is available, albeit at a price, and added memory can also be tacked on in the form of a memory card.

Still, even considering these somewhat limiting factors, nearly all agree that it would be very difficult to find a better machine in this price range. One user reported the machine to be so quiet that, even as she was sewing a cuff for her son, he asked her if she’s sewing or not! In addition, several reviewers reported an almost addiction-like enjoyment they get from the machine. That testifies to its ease of use, excellent design, and plethora of interesting and useful features. All in all, reviews for the Brother SE400 computerized embroidery sewing machine can be summed up in the words of one reviewer: “the best purchase I ever made.”

Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine

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