EQ7 Quilting Software Review

True, your great-great grandmother didn’t have the EQ7 Quilting Software and she got along just fine. But if it had been around in her day, and if you had a wise great-great grandmother, she would have snatched up this masterful tool also. You can bet your great-great granny never took a snapshot of the family dog and integrated it into her quilting, but she would have if she could have! Ringing through the register in the very reasonable $100 – $200 price range, the EQ7 Quilting Software is designed to harness the awesome power of computers to expand quilting into the 21st century. It’s easy to use, packed with useful features and capabilities, and enhanced with instructional videos to shorten the learning curve as much as possible. For expert quilters or first-timers, the Electric Quilt 7 software makes quilting fun, easy, and more than it ever could be before.

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Creativity has taken a step into the future with the Electric Quilt 7 upgrade, the latest release in the top-of-the line programming that the Electric Quilt Software series offers. Take a snapshot of your cup of coffee, your spouse, or your model boat, scan it into your computer, and get ready for fun. With the EQ7 quilt software, those photos mutate into art. Crop, edit, manipulate – have a great time. You can scan your chosen fabric right into the EQ7 software and see just exactly what the finished product will look like. How’s that for motivation to keep going? And if you ever aren’t pleased with how a block will look, so go ahead and change it at the press of a button. You can flip it over, iterate it into 16 symmetrical designs, rotate it, or change it in any other way you see fit. Save the design to the “sketchbook”, if you want, for anytime future use, and then automatically fill the entire quilt with the pattern and decide if you want to go with it or if you want to scrap it for something else.

Though some Electric Quilt 7 reviews complain of a learning curve, the company has apparently taken many steps at improvement. Help is right at the fingertips, without the need to search far and wide. First of all, the software comes complete with 25 easy lessons which run quickly enough that there’s no bogging down in details. Then there are the ten included instructional videos to reduce that learning curve even more. There’s also a handy-dandy reference manual for when you’re really stuck for an answer. With all of this ready-reference educational material, the beginning quilter will feel as at-home in the software as the seasoned pro.

The EQ7 Quilt Software is many steps higher than the previous version – the EQ5, with lots of upgrades, re-thinks, and positive changes. This software has the ability to show you just how you’re quilt will look when it’s finished. If that’s not reason enough, consider that it’s also got a photo layout and a dazzling variety of electronic capabilities, to take your quilting experience eons higher than your great-great grandma ever dreamed it would go. It’s for that reason, and many others, that customers so highly recommend the EQ7 quilt software.

Electric Quilt 7
Electric Quilt 7 Upgrade (EQ7 Upgrade)
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